The English School of International Languages is a fully-accredited private language training centre which was established in 1986. It is recognized by the Ministry of Education and affiliated with the British Institutes Group with over 160 schools in Italy. The school works through two locations, one of which is in Sulmona and one in Avezzano.

Our mission is to provide education in languages in accordance with the highest pedagogical standards, thereby ensuring effective training in response to the real needs of our students.

Courses at the The English School of International Languages are designed to bring our students closer to the beauty and complexity of the Italian language through a teaching method based on direct communication. During the lessons, students practice the four foundations of language: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Every year The English School of International Languages teaches hundreds of students (children, teenagers and adults) to develop their communication skills in the various languages (Italian for foreigners, English, French, Spanish, German…). 

We are also proud to provide language training for professional purposes for numerous organizations and institutions, both public and private, both National and International.

The English School of International Languages offers group, individual and semi-individual courses as well as courses for companies and children.

Students are welcomed by an experienced team specifically trained to orient and supervise their learning. In their studies the students will find learning facilitators qualified in education and training, working with the Director, Tania Puglielli, to provide the most efficient and effective learning solution for them.

At The English School of International Languages, every student is a unique individual; our personalized professionalism makes all the difference.

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